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MyToday – Online News Aggregator

19 Mar

I just cant help but think that the success of Digg and Newsvine has inspired a whole bunch of news tracking sites and mixups like and SlashDigg.

Another one to have sprung up recently is MyToday. MyToday is your another “public RSS aggregator providing the latest news, views and content on a topic-based collection of feeds.”

I first heard of MyToday earlier this month at BarCamp Delhi and at that time I had thought of it like more of a memedigger with human-voting-system for news stories and it seemed a good idea to have an Indian memedigger at last. But as it turns out, MyToday is not a memedigger but only an AJAXy Public RSS Aggregator with an objective to bring the most relevant quality content to the readers through selective sources. This really is a wonderful thing considering the significant increase in the Indian Blogs that have sprung up and an assorted list of feeds in different categories would be a great help.

However, on first impressions, the whole news aggregator thing here looks pretty under developed:
– there aren’t any customization features available
– no options to change colour schemes, font sizes.
– no Search within feeds
– no options to “Mark as Read/Unread” or Bookmark

It seems to be a good idea for the large number of people out there who do not use a News Reader but others might as well have the OPML and use their preferred Reader.

I just wonder how are the editors going to handle the vast number of requests they are soon going to be bombarded with by bloggers wishing to be a part of MyTodays Dailies.