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Windows Live Weather Forecasts – High vs Low

14 Mar

This is what I had on my Windows Live Desktop the other day:

Windows Live Weather Forecasts

Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn’t the High and Low readings be the other way around in this case? I mean, how can we have a high of 10 degrees C and a low of 18 degrees C in a day?

Bumble Search

14 Mar

I received an email this evening from Andy about Bumble Search, a Firefox extension built by him and Chris. Bumble Search is meant to add to your search experience and it introduces the concept of Cross Pollination, analyzing pages for keywords and finding related or similar pages.

This was the second Firefox extension for Google Search that I was hearing in the day, the first one being Advanced Dork that lets users quickly search for specific information using Google’s Advanced Operators. Curious with what Bumble Search was about, I installed it to give it a shot and was mostly impressed with what it had to offer.

The Bumble Search extension enhances Google Search to include specialized search engines like Wikipedia, flickr, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB etc, resulting in multiple search options. You can also optionally remove certain commercial keywords like shop, store, bargain, shipping etc. thereby refining your search a great deal.

An example of Bumble Cross Page Pollination

Also, the extension lends the capability to cross reference an auction item in Amazon and Froogle or a product in Ebay and Amazon to find the best deal.

Cross reference items in Amazon andFroogle with Bumble Search

The extension puts up a Sidebar in your browser which provides for a Search and a Notes Tab. The Search tab lets you search for keywords with MSN or Google and the Notes tab lets you drag certain links in the “Pages to Remember” box or add notes on the searched pages on the Notepad. However, once I filled up the available screen space for the The Pages to Remember section, I had to close the toolbar and start it again so that more links could be added. This definitely is a problem.

From what I’ve seen so far, it seems a decent enough experience and I am going to use it for a couple of days. Don’t go by all those negative reviews on the Firefox Extension Page. It really is a nifty extension that wouldn’t go down well with all users because of different searching behaviour but for a select user group, it is going to be pretty useful.

You can download Bumble Search Extension from or the Mozilla Addons site