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It’s been a long time

9 Mar

It just seems that this hiatus is coming to an end. Recent updates here have been few and far between but there is really not much that I could do. Things were moving at quite a pace and yet they somehow didn’t fall into the category of weblog content. Those that did, suffered a result of my now famous procrastination streak.

Anyways, lets just hope that this trend takes a deviation. (Though, I am really not too sure how as I am again off the town for next 4 days beginning tomorrow)

Here’s a run through of what I’ve been upto recently (in no particular order):

Been to BarCamp Delhi and met some really amazing people. I’ll most definitely be posting about in detail later.
Formatted and reformatted my desktop.
Cleared an IBM Certification Examination
Saw the new Google Pages thingy. You can’t imagine how glad I was to see it flop! But found the Google Calendar screenshots way too cool.
Struggled with tons and tons of meaningless assignments. It really amazes me how we engineers always manage to meet the deadlines. It seems that “beating deadlines” is concept alien to us.

There really isn’t an end to this stuff…

And finally, thanks to Prasoon for posting here in my absence.