Flock it !!

22 Feb

First, I’d thank ‘enginerd‘ for proving me a space here to write 🙂

Flock Flock – The so called next gen social web browser aimed at Web 2.0 gurus and bloggers has released an update and I should say – its impressive. The only flaw I still see in it is the memory leak, something native to anything built over Firefox 1.5 and sometimes, the RAM usage skyrockets itself to over 250 MB when Flock is left idle with an AJAX webpage like meebo.com running.

Whats new in this version –

I noticed a new and better blogging interface, advanced flickr integration and a host of tiny tweaks with the topbar. The upgraded RSS viewer is definitely fast and looks great. Good news for WordPress users because now, categorization happens right from the blog editor within Flock. Next time, you use Flock for filling out forms, do not forget to use the inbuilt Spell-Checker. This version also supports shadows.com integration other than del.icio.us.

I wonder how many of you visiting have used the previous version but I would suggest all of you to at least give it a try for once.

Going by my description which Anand gave about me, I shall not end my post without criticizing Microsoft for its IE 7 Preview to Beta 2, it sucks – at least for bloggers using Blogger.com



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