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Live Messenger Beta Invites Available

30 Jan

Interested in trying out Windows Live Messenger?

I have a few Live Messenger Beta invites with me to give away. Let me know if you want them.

Google Toolbar 4.0

30 Jan
The new version of Google Toolbar would come packaged with a host of new features that surely sound useful. According to the Revision History, the new Google Toolbar for IE would feature:

Version 4.x.x.x

New Feature

  • Custom buttons: Add custom buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite websites
  • Bookmarks: Create bookmarks that are accessible from any computer
  • Enhanced search box: Get query suggestions as you type in the enhanced search box
  • “Send To” feature: Send web pages to friends via Gmail or SMS, or post directly to a blog
  • Log into your Google account from the Settings menu

I am not too sure what the Bookmarks feature is all about? If it is only about accessing your personal bookmarks from any computer, then it is no big deal. But if Google manage to do a with bookmarks sharing and tagging, it could be an interesting proposition.

But one just wonders what usefulness will these features have with the release of Internet Explorer 7 as it has an integrated search tool (like Firefox) and with Windows Live Favorites looking better by the day, bookmarking in IE is sure to undergo a major change. But then, just how many would switch to IE7?
Go Google Toolbar!!

enginerd v2.01 with a Web2.0 Template

27 Jan
With everything around me looking so web2.0, it was time the blog too had a web2.0 look to it! And so the enginerd Weblog is now in v2.01

So what has enginerd v2.01 got? Well it has really large headings, white background (tons of whitespace thrown around), Trebuchet font, simple underlined links with hover style highlighting the full link, and the flavour of the season: selective highlighting in the lightest yellow possible.

If that isn’t enough web2.0, enginerd v2.01 also switches to a content-rich footer. Now that definitely make it web2.0 styled!

And, if you would like to have a modified version of this template for your Blogger blog, feel free to contact me.

Another Gem from The Times Of India

23 Jan
Here is how Times Of India ePaper defined Podcasting:

All downloadable audio files are now called ‘podcasts’.

But while all those who download music from the net are indeed ‘podcasting’…

Only The Times Of India in this world could have run a whole article on Podcasting without even mentioning terms like RSS, web feeds, or subscription!!

iPod – Lame

22 Jan

Here is what Slashdot had to say on the original iPod:

No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

Apparently, “Lame” turns out to be the most coveted pocket gadget ever!

via Infectious Greed, Mashable

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Enhance Computer Security with Graphical Passwords

20 Jan
Researchers at the Rutgers University have developed a unique system to safeguard your computer and online accounts by using images, and not digits and alphabets as passwords.

In one of the solutions proposed by the group, the user is required to pick certain ‘click-points’ that he had selected initially while setting the password on an an image. The other solution requires the user to select certain icons scrambled within hundreds of icons and then click inside the “convex hull” formed by connecting imaginary lines among these selected icons.

In the first method, the user sets the password by selecting an image of his choice and then selecting a number of regions in that picture. Now to authenticate himself, he will have to click within those regions in the picture.

Graphical Password
Example: To login, the user is required to click within the 4 circled red regions in this picture.

The second method requires the user to select a number of pass-icons from a large pool of icons and memorize them. Now to authenticate himself, the user will have to locate a minimum of three pass-icons from the randomly moving icons pool and click anywhere inside the “convex hull” formed by connecting imaginary lines among these pass icons. The user is required to click inside these regions perform this a predefined number of times and only then is he defined access.

Icon Based Graphical Password
Icon Based Graphical Password: The user has to click inside the area shown here as highlighted

The Graphical Password Project Homepage
Graphical passwords for better security

Logos 2006

19 Jan

Intel, AT&T and Kodak, all three changed their logos recently. Even Hutch, provider of GSM mobile services changed its ‘orange everything’ to ‘pink everything’.

I might have found these “swanky” new logos thoroughly disappointing but who’s complaining. The corporate suppliers are surely in for some serious money now with new business cards, letter heads, and all the stuff that would have to be done sporting the new logo.

My quick thoughts:

AT&T: Everything lowercase is not always cool.

Intel: The least horrible change of all three, mixing the ‘Intel Inside’ and the intel original logo.

The less said about it, the better.

What next? Which company do we have next going for a new logo, a new image? Microsoft, or Yahoo! with its all new taste for tagging? btw, which logo redesign did you like the most?