The Semester ends officially

8 Dec

The semester has officially come to a close and its time now to move on to things that I have been procrastinating for quite sometime on the pretext of examinations and project submissions. Some pretty interesting things are lined up and probably I’ll be posting about them here too.

If you’re wondering why I have been so lax in updating this blog, it’s only because of the end-semester-torment that I was subjected to. With the final exams getting over just last Saturday and a project submission due today, most of the time was spent in front of a stupid computer terminal that in my opinion has seen better days. Somehow, we managed to get the Project completed by this morning. However, the project demo didn’t go all that well. Its amazing just how your system crashes at the most crucial of times. The GridFTP service that I and my friend had developed working for the most of the previous night simply couldn’t be demonstrated as the system on which we had it running simply gave up an hour before our presentaion. Otherwise, it went pretty smooth. But that is the way it goes. All we’ll have to show for it now is a few screenshots.

Anyways, I now have close to a month before the next semester starts during which period, I’ll have to decide upon my final Project. I haven’t really been able to narrow down to a particular field in which I’ll be working on my final Project and that is something that will kep me occupied for most of the time. I think Semantic Web is one in which I could finally end up doing my project but a distributed storage system looks as exciting a prospect. But with all ideas so vague and nothing concrete and well defined yet, the pursuit of a good project idea is still on. Any ideas?.

One Response to “The Semester ends officially”

  1. andy December 9, 2005 at 2:20 am #

    You’re lucky, I have another week to go, and it’s the week of finals.

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