Archive | August, 2005 : Mouse Gestures for the click

30 Aug

Vanessa Tan has this link to a wonderful new experiment in User Interface Design promising click-free navigation.

The Institute for Interactive Research is apparently trying to study the “change in the behaviour of navigation” and whether the missing click has any “influence on our perception of the interface.”

The website has three new buttons for you to experiment. The replacement of the traditional ‘click’ in the three buttons is as follows:

Button 1: Activating the button by wiping the mouse from left to right or right to left over it.
Button 2: The button is activated by moving the mouse pointer in a circular motion around it.
Button 3: The button has a self activating timer. To activate, keep your mouse pointer over it for a few seconds.

I find the second idea of moving the mouse pointer in a circular manner over the button extremely appealing. The other two have obvious disadvantages.

The ‘wipe’ that activates the first button requires that the origin and termination of the mouse movement stays on the button. So, my “flick of the wrist” has to ensure that the mouse moves just the perfect distance. Not too much, because it will move outside the button; and not too less, because then the button wont get activated. This requires extreme caution on the user’s part, making life miserable for him. Also, as the website itself states, the user may accidentally activate a link by unintentionally moving the mouse over it.

The third button that has a self activating timer is certain to significantly increase the surfing time. Plus the fact that since most web designers haven’t read ‘Don’t Make Me Think‘, a considerable number of users simply are unsure whether they really should be activating the particular link or not.

Be sure you check their website out. It is simply too much fun to be missing out. And yes, these are really wonderful experiments in interface design.

No word-verification!

29 Aug

By the way, if you haven’t yet observed, Blogger word verification is still disabled here on the comments. You are all too precious to be bothered.

New MSN Homepage Beta

27 Aug

My friend remarked about living on Earth Beta. Apparently every software that he was using at the moment was Beta: Be it the Messenger1 or Messenger2, or the latest Visual Studio Beta 2.

As if that was not enough, I came across this MSN Homepage Beta First look and you’ll get the feeling that you’ve stumbled upon the Yahoo! Homepage. I dont like the fact that they are doing away with the sidebar and the blue theme!!!

Google talk: Not so cool

25 Aug

Google talk : Another uncool product from Google’s stable. The first was Sidebar. If you remember the Google Webaccelerator, then, add that too.

Awesome sound quality.
Runs even on an obsolete machine (mine 😉
a clean and neat interface

No timestamping of messages. No logging
No “Appear Offline” like Yahoo!’s stealth
Too simple. The world likes it nifty!

  • No Text colours,
  • No emoticons [ Remember, Microsoft is about to patent them 😉 ]

No file tranfers

btw, where are the Google ads accompanying my messages in an IM conversation?
Imagine I say “I feel like sleeping.”, only to find an adsense window showing sleeping pills best deals!!

Roaming MSN Favorites

24 Aug

Just so you know. Your MSN Favorites are now roaming.

PS: Be sure you’re logged in to your Passport before you hit the URL.

SEM – Maharajah to do without the hyphen

23 Aug

The 71 year old Maharajah is on an image rebuilding flight course. In its continuous quest of a contemporary look, Air India today decided to do away with the hyphen from “Air-India”.

According to an official:

“The dropping of the hyphen means AI moves up in the alphabetical list of airlines and will be displayed much earlier in the computerised reservation systems and Web pages than before. This will lead to more visibility for the airline”

A case of Search Engine Marketing?

New “Communications Tool” from Google on Wednesday

23 Aug

From an article in New York Times:

Google executives say they plan to unveil on Wednesday a “communications tool” that is potentially a clear step beyond the company’s search-related business focus.

While executives would not disclose what the new software tool might be, Google has long been expected to introduce an instant messaging service to compete with services offered by America Online, Yahoo and MSN from Microsoft.

This is something that was long speculated. I can hardly wait to see what Google has up its sleeve this time round. By the way, I’ve heard some good things about the new Google Sidebar. I’ll be giving it a try as soon as I find some time.