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LMS underway

27 May

Just a quick update on my work here. We just got done with the requirement specifications and system design of the new learning management system that we’re working on. We should begin coding the application tomorrow, provided I am able to design the UI for the other two products that the organization is currently developing. High on exhaustion, low on motivation and dragging myself along in three projects. Life as an intern is fun for sure.

laraCroft Reloaded

27 May

Just as I begin writing this post I realize what I have entered in the title. Too much of java and obsession with coding standards can lead to this. Now since I feel I have the onus to be less of a sloth, I’ll write about anything that comes on to my mind.

So Lara Croft is about to get a make over of some sorts. The reason for this, they say, is that the last game was a completely bombed affair. It may have bombed, but it certainly made all the noises. Now lets see if ths new Lara can again be the phenomenon that she was once. What changes would I like? I really dont care. I haven’t really played Lara Croft all that much. The only time I laid hands on the game was when they bundled a small demo with some computer magazine and that was years ago, when I was just a kid dazzled by the wonderful things Microsoft Paint could do.

Chatting my way to glory

27 May

I’ve been ignoring my blogging a bit more than I would actually approve of. Can’t help it, though. Been chatting my way to glory ever since I got hooked on to this Yahoo Messenger thingy!