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Yahoo 360- Invites

30 Mar

Yahoo! 360 is up and as I have lots of invites available, drop in a line if you want one 😉


Getting things under way

30 Mar

This past weekend, I finally managed to complete things that were for so long left neglected. Thanks to Jonathan who took out time to respond to my email query and his super informative site on Lenya, I was able to redo the template for Lenya. I also did something that was for so long pending – reorganizing some of the stuff on my PC. What else… I also worked on the online Picture navigator that I had planned to do so long back. Finally the work is underway, only not too sure about the tagging of pictures.

Meanwhile Yahoo! 360 is up and I just got an invite 🙂
Got to check it out, heard that 360 too ofers a blog and some other so called “cool” features that these social networking sites provide(?)

Use Protection

28 Mar

Boy! Isn’t minghong’s blog interesting? I wonder where he finds such fun stuff! This is what he recently posted.

Always Use Protection

Now. Go ahead and act smart. Get the latest Firefox 1.0.2

Yahoo Creative Commons Search Beta

28 Mar

I just found out that the past week Yahoo! launched its search for content across the Web that has a Creative Commons license.

Who knows, this may be useful some day. Someday I say, because till date I haven’t found anything really useful protected under a CC License, except perhaps some people’s daily raves and rants.

Update: Did I write that?

Dragon Kingdom Constitution

27 Mar

The Kingdom of Bhutan has unveiled a new constitution, and put it on the web asking its people to comment on it!!! The Constitution pdf is available here.
(via Boing Boing)

Software Trends : Open Source

27 Mar

I just happened to reach Burnham’s Beat, a wonderful blog on software tech and investing, via emergic. In his series of Software’s Top 10 2005 Trends, Bill writes on Open Source:

One of the biggest questions facing the software industry in 2005 is whether or not Open Source will “jump the species barrier” and start to become a major factor in the enterprise applications space. A quick look at Sourceforge confirms that to date most Open Source efforts in the applications space have been confined to niche applications in the academic space, but there are now numerous efforts underway, such as SugarCRM, to try and create enterprise-ready Open Source applications. Whether these applications efforts are successful or not is one of the key issues keeping software company executives up at night.

For software executives, Open Source presents three major choices: beat it, join-it, or co-opt it. The conventional wisdom suggests that the way to beat Open Source is to “out-engineer” Open Source by providing a more stable, secure and feature rich product while at the same time “out-servicing” Open Source by providing robust 24/7 support.

Sania Mirza Pictures

26 Mar

This blog is currently eighth on Google’s listing for “sania mirza pictures”. Quite an achievement, considering that there isn’t a single picture of Sania Mirza here!!! (except maybe an odd remark about her being the new fad in Indian Sports!)