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Not everyone loves Firefox

21 Feb

In a world that is ever so cruelly dominated by IE, we are fortunate to have with us alternatives. And so we all get busy figuring out which is the best alternative! Not everyone will love Firefox, or for that matter hate IE, and understandably so. Individual preferences vary and so does the usage pattern. So when it comes down to drawing a comparison between these alternatives, it ain’t an easy job. All the more difficult, when the alternatives happen to be much superior to the original and similar to each other in ways more than one the way Opera and Firefox are.

There is no denying that Opera is the fastest browser around. Yes, faster than Firefox too. But then, Firefox comes studded with splendid extensions. AdBlock for one, thus providing an opportunity to get out of the clutches of advertisements and have a hassle free experience. Also the way Firefox handles JavaScript secures poinst over Opera and the fact that Firefox is more stable makes it the browser I prefer. Then there are secondary issues. About new links not opening up in tabs in Firefox. which I presume is very easily compensated for with Tabbrowser extension. So Firefox and Opera draw level again. Printing- Firefox does a much better job. Mouse Gestures- Opera scores better, much better. A deadlock.

Again, these are individual preferences, and the comparisons may go on and on without us ever being able to substantially claim which is better!