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The predicament

11 Feb

This Friday happens to be a special day. No not just because I pay an honoured visit to the Lecture Theater for Prof M’s sake, but for it also is my good friend’s birthday. (You might recall him as the one with Orkut profile in red boxers! ) Now, ever so cruelly, when everybody was busy kicking his ass at the stroke of midnight , I was snoring (which in itself is a kind of an achievement,though.) So now I am left with no options but to make it up.

But then, now I have no idea how to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his move out from his mother’s uterus. I might have all friends gather and sing “happy birthday” and even give him the ceremonial salute (which recently is being used here only for some real bond people), but as you may realize all this requires a whole lotta planning and “I dont know what I’ll do the next minute” sort of a person, just doesn’t do that.