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Are tabloids the way out?

10 Feb

From an article in The McKinsey Quarterly on the dwindling sales of paid newpapers as consumers increasingly are turning to Internet and TV for their news feed:

Newspapers have fought back with free subscription trials and other promotions, with advertising platforms such as new or expanded feature sections, and with better home and newsstand distribution. But struggling publishers often seek the quickest method to cut costs and increase circulation without harming ad revenues. Many, particularly in Europe, see their salvation in changing formats: they believe that switching to a more compact one, such as the tabloid format, may lift circulation by attracting disaffected newspaper readers, particularly teens and women. Higher circulation, in turn, stimulates demand for advertising, so newspapers can raise their ad rates. In some cases, the price of the newspapers can rise as well.

Out here, what has the leading daily ‘The Times of India‘ done. It has compromised on quality, ie, the content it offers. So from sincere and responsible journalism that for so long characterized the newspaper, we can see a marked shift to gossips, glitterati and skin-show. All this just for those circulation figures.

It may not be a tabloid yet, but with this degrading standards in quality of content, with such uninspiring news reporting, with such bias in International affairs, there seems to be no reason compelling enough to subscribe to it. People would rather read The Hindu or The Indian Express.