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India : Powered by the Youth?

9 Feb

I remember reading an article yesterday which read that India and China will become the world’s number 1 and 2 ecomomies in the world by the end of year 2015. That article made a great reading and made me feel real proud. The reason India is bound to do well, it read, is because of its abundant ‘young’ people pool, with 65-70 % of population under the age of 35.

Two things here, are mere numbers sufficient? What about the quality of these reources? And second, what is the youth doing in this country besides running for a “well deserved” job in an IT based company, or vying to be a doctor with a good practice. No more is the youth of this country interested in public service. The reason- an outdated, disgusting political system, with reservations for the elderly who are obviously(?) more intelligent. The last elections did see some “young faces” selected to represent the public. These weren’t mere youngsters. They were scions of real big political families. Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiradiya Scindia, two names one would have believed would stand out and lead a fresh charge against so many issues that confront this country. The public took in this fresh wave and ensured them landslide victories, for they believed ‘change’ was in the offing.

But when one looks at their status in Indian politics, one cant help wonder and feel pity at this ridiculous political system. Not one of them or the other ‘young’ leaders is even a minister of state, the cabinet being a distant dream. None of them have even raised an issue or spoken in the Parliament. They haven’t been able to stand out as leaders with a different mindset, with ideas to propel India to the next league. All they appear are as obedient followers of the elderly politicians of this country. No wonder, ours probably will be the only country with the Minister for Youth Affairs and Sport aged 75 yrs. And that’s not just it. The defence minister, home minister, external affairs minister and HRD minister are all above 70! (I had believed they were old, But this old! I realized this a few days ago reading about it in a newspaper)