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Satellite Simulation

1 Feb

I just came across this cool satellite simulation via YoungBrews and I must say, this is pretty challenging. You have to click and drag to fire the projectile and put the ‘satellite’ into orbit. There is this moon too which is interfering with your satellites.

Challenging it surely is! It took me 5 minutes to finally put my satellite into orbit and for the past few hours, it is religiously orbiting Mother Earth.

My satellite orbiting the planet!

The $100 PC: Turning into reality

1 Feb

In one of my previous posts titled “We need $ 100 PC” I had written that

Taking computers to the next level of users is something that has remained a challenge to policy makers and the biggest of corporate in India. Just as India aspires to be a IT hotspot, there aren’t two opinions about the fact that the penetration of computing resources remains nothing to boast about… The cost of computers may be falling continuously but is still considerable when looked at from the point of view of a common man. But a $100 PC looks to have exactly what it would take to be a mass market success, a phenomenon!

This dream of a $100 PC may soon be realized. MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte has teamed up with some of the world’s major companies like AMD, Motorola, Google, Samsung etc and is working on the development of a $100 Portable personal computer for the developing world.

With promises of a 14 inch colour screen, AMD chips and Linux as the operating system, this machine is sure to find its feet in emerging markets and will certainly go a long way in bridging what is called as the “Digital Divide”.

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