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Every Effort Counts

30 Dec

The devastation that has been caused by this Tsunami is heart-gripping. The death toll just keeps on mounting and in force is one of the world’s largest relief effort. If there’s any way you can help, please do.

Any explanations?

30 Dec

It is true that India has not witnessed a Tsunami for over a hundred years, and this Black Sunday it took all by a shock. But still, how will they explain this?

‘‘Tsunamis are never recorded in Indian history, so it did not occur to us,’’ said R S Dattatrayam, director seismology at IMD, who arrived after 8.30 am to the station after being informed. ‘‘I don’t recall the exact sequence of events.’’

Black or White?

30 Dec

I am on Page # 49 and am yet to make any sense out of this reading so far.