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The Indian Broadband Policy 2004

18 Oct

The Indian Broadband Policy 2004, the drawing board of India’s digital future was announced sometime ago. According to the preamble,

Recognising the potential of ubiquitous Broadband service in growth of GDP and enhancement in quality of life through societal applications including tele-education, tele-medicine, e-governance, entertainment as well as employment generation by way of high speed access to information and web-based communication, Government have finalised a policy to accelerate the growth of Broadband services.

Broadband has huge potential to bring about far reaching changes in far flung regions of India. Besides revolutionizing entertainment and communication, it can pave way towards better standards of educaton and healthcare with telemedicine and distance education programs for those in the remotest of areas.

But how do we achieve a ‘ubiquitous Broadband service‘? The sad reality as of now is that connectivity remains a major problem of India. The cost of bandwidth is on the higher side and as result of these, the ‘broadband experience’ remains restricted to a few of its huge population. Does this policy address these issues? Disappointingly, No.