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Micro Movie @ Berlin Film Festival

6 Oct

The Berlin Film Festival this year has a new category- the Micro Movie Award, sponsored by Siemens. The film eligible for this category must be made using the integrated cameraphone of the Siemens SX1 mobile phone. The film, which cannot be more than 90 seconds long, should be made using the properties of the camera phone to its fullest.

The site has all the 20 nominated movies which can be viewed online. Which one do I like the most? It’ll have to be Entry # 6, “Say Cheese”, the story of a girl who’s trying hard to fit in a camera frame.

The films can be viewed online at
The official festival website is

Gmail Reloaded: Save drafts and Mail forwarding

6 Oct

Gmail has announced a couple of new features such as an improved contacts list, mail forwarding and saving drafts.

This morning when I signed in (after trying for two hours last night without any success), I found a link to New Features! and came across the following updates from Gmail:

  • Gmail Notifier
  • Search your contacts
  • Automatic forwarding to another email account
  • And finally… Save Drafts!